To keep warm.

Recently, I’ve been struggling with the entitlement issue of my generation and that of my kids’ generation.  I’ve  been doing a lot of reading, soul searching, and praying to find a way to give back and encourage my family and friends to join me.

Strangely, inspiration struck me while doing laundry – a mundane and boring task, of which I seize significant control of in my household.  I was washing sheets and blankets and realized that that are so many people who don’t even have a warm home in which to sleep at night, much less, a warm blanket to keep them safe and somewhat warm sleeping on the streets.  So, I quickly said to my husband, who, mind you, is used to my outbursts and crazy ideas (most of which never happen), “we need to organize a blanket drive.”  His response, “Ok.”  So, I ran with the approval and here I am, typing up a quick little diddy about a blanket drive for the homeless people in my community at large in West Michigan (it gets cold here, if you’re not familiar – like really really cold…last night it was 15 whopping degrees at my house).  

We are not able to solve the problem of homelessness by doing a blanket drive, but we are able to make a difference in the lives of those in that situation who do not have access to shelter each night.  It’s the least we can do…really.  How many of us have way too many blankets lying around our homes, folded up in a corner, just begging to be used at least once this year?    Old sleeping bags?  You get the picture.  

I saw a quote recently that said, “Don’t ask kids what they want to be when they grow up, ask them what problem they are going to solve…then encourage them to do so.”  I have no idea who said this, but they are a genius.    

We know there are formal organizations who do this type of thing all the time, but taking personal ownership is important to me, to my husband,  and hopefully to our children.  So, here’s the deal, we don’t want your money (it gets too messy with the IRS and stuff), we just want your new/unwanted non-holey blankets.  If you want to drop off some blankets, bring them to Plainfield Township Water Department, 5195 Plainfield Ave, NE, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49525 and put them in the bin out front.  (if there’s no bin, just set them under the overhang – we’ll make sure they get inside).  

So, you’ve been challenged.  Bring us your old blankets.  We’ll deliver them around January 1, or sooner if we have SO many to hand out.  (if you want to help with that, let me know!)  Obviously, I haven’t thought through all the details, but I am excited, so that usually works out, right???!?  Check my facebook page “Blue Tulip Life” for details as they unfold.  Let’s make a difference, even if it’s just a temporary one for a few nights or weeks.  


5 thoughts on “To keep warm.

  1. If you are giving blankets to homeless people, I have several “plarn” (plastic yarn) mats ready that need to go to help provide a barrier for the cold and wet. Just google plarn mat to see what I am talking about. I will be in the area next Monday and could bring some if you want them . Linda


  2. I dropped off 10 mats today, the door was locked, so I didn’t get a chance to talk with anyone. I left my phone # and email, but I’m wondering if anyone there is handing out the blankets. Or are you the one doing that? I can get more mats, but it would be great to know what size is best for this use. They can be lashed together to make them larger, so if you have any input on that please let me know.


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