Every so often

Every so often, life throws a curve-ball.  The past few weeks we’ve had a few thrown at us.  We should have been better prepared, but we weren’t.  We received some rather depressing news about a financial situation, then the transmission on my car thought it was a good time to stop working, we’ve ended relationships with toxic people, and now my dishwasher is making a really weird noise – it’s dying a slow and agonizing death.  (I know, I know, first world problems…)  At this point, most people scream and yell and cry.  I have, however, been laughing…a lot.  Probably a little more laughter than is healthy given the situations.  But, here’s the thing – I’m grateful.  I’m grateful that we have friends who can come over on moments notice and hang out around a campfire sharing life’s joys (like the last day of school for a teacher!) and memories from a simpler time.  I’m grateful for co-workers and friends who help us with our vehicle situation.  I’m grateful for professionals who try to find alternative solutions.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to figure out our situation without fear.  We have the ability to earn a living and spend it all on things that shouldn’t have snuck up on us, but did.  I’m grateful for a husband who continues to find ways to figure out this thing called life and for his chronic support of my crazy ideas to make additional money (there is more to that story…stay tuned)

Remind yourself that change is what shapes your journey and makes your story unique.  Life throws us these curve-balls to challenge us, make us stronger and keep us moving forward. ~ unknown

For the past few years we were getting a handle on some poor choices we made early in our married life.  These recent developments have completely derailed that progress, but we’re okay.  Our children are healthy and happy.  Our home is safe and secure.   We have bad moments and moments without faith.  We occasionally threaten to sell everything and live in our car – hey, it’s got a “new to us” transmission so we could make it work, right?!?!  But, cliche as it sounds, we know we’re being held firmly in the palm of God’s hand.  There’s a plan and He’s got us.  We’re good (but we’ve had enough curve-balls to last us a while).  


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