Dream a little dream

So, a few weeks ago, I wrote about why I haven’t written in a while.  Life.  It just got ugly financially.  It still is ugly financially.  And the dishwasher?  Officially out of commission.  I have dish-pan hands now.  For real.  The messed up transmission? Repaired with a used one and being paid for on credit, ‘cause you know, we had $3200 just laying around.  The major financial situation?  Still major.  Still looming over our heads.  Still just as important to us as ever to make it work.  And yes, we can afford food and housing, and no, we have not cancelled our already paid for vacation plans.  And we certainly don’t want your sympathy.  We were unprepared.  Plain and simple.  There is no one to blame, but us.  

But even though so much has gone sideways, I had a dream, a big dream, one that kept me awake at night trying to figure out how to get it started, to make it happen.  Okay, let’s be real, I have LOTS of dreams that keep me awake at night (what can I say?  I have a highly active imagination!).  But this current dream is becoming a reality.  My husband and I have what we like to call our “10 year plan.”  Every year it bounces a little and remains a “10 year plan.”  

This month, we started our plan.  Not out of simple desire, but also out of necessity.  We have started to sell antiques and vintage goods for people to purchase for either home decor or to re-purpose however they see fit.  I am a huge fan of antiques being salvaged and brought back to their original glory, yet I don’t have the knowledge or know-how to make that happen, but I love the thrill of the hunt, the picking, the search.  And the best part?  Our three kids are doing this with us – because they WANT to; they enjoy it as much as we do (well 2 of them do, for sure)!

I don’t have an eye for every aspect of this industry, and we know there are many people with their finger in it that are much smarter and much better entrepreneurs than we are, as well.  We don’t and won’t claim to know everything, but we will do what we can to learn the answers.  We found an area of commerce that we love and thought, “Why not?  If not now, when?”  So, here we are.  We do not have a formal web-presence, except for on Etsy or Facebook – search for us (Blue Tulip Antiques), like us, follow us, share our stuff, and until we can afford store-space, we are using our garage.  We will rely on word of mouth and street markets to make this happen.

While I’d love for this to be our main source of income, we aren’t naive on that either.  Afterall, wasn’t Microsoft (among other super huge companies) started in a garage?  I think that gives us pretty good odds, right?!?  For now, it’s a passion that will hopefully (fingers-crossed!) earn us some additional income.  And, along the way, hopefully teach us a few things about commerce and business.  And if we never make enough money to do more than break-even, we’re okay with that, too.  We are tightening our reigns and chasing this dream a little bit at a time.

Here’s the thing – this isn’t something that we can allow to consume our time like one would think a dream becoming a reality should.  We have children, we have jobs, we have other areas of our life that will continue to take the majority of our focus.  As a result, we will update our Etsy and Facebook information as we have the time to do so.  Hopefully we aren’t too slow about this, but we want to be accurate in our descriptions and pricing.  We also know that there are many people who know a LOT more than we do about this business and will be much more successful at marketing and selling their wares.  We just hope to find a few unique pieces that you or your friends may want to use for your home decor or as a gift for someone else.  We want you to love your stuff!

We know some of you are skeptical, after all, who wants someone else’s old useless stuff?  Obviously we do, and clearly, we aren’t the only ones who see the value in antiques and preserving a previous way of life, a simpler life.  If this isn’t for you, we’re okay with that.  We probably don’t like all of your hobbies, either.

So, this is simply the start of the next section of this book we are writing, together, a new volume for our family story.  We hope you enjoy the beginning of what we hope and pray will be a successful venture; whether as a follower, a fan, or (hopefully) a customer, we appreciate your support and love.      


P.s.  I’m in the process of writing something more profound, but thought this deserved some explanation.  Thank you for allowing me this platform to explain our new venture.


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